Prepdeck is the world’s only all-in-one system for your kitchen needs. It’s loaded with over 35 features that help you prepare, measure, and store ingredients, as well as easily dispose of waste and trimmings. Bring the joy of cooking into your home!

Services: Branding, Logo Identity, Art Direction


Everything you need to prepare delicious, stress-free meals.
Sleek, functional and easy to use, Prepdeck keeps you tidy and organized in the kitchen!


Selected Works

Chani GreenbaumIdentity & Branding

Soho Supper ClubBranding & Identity

Miron EnergyIdentity, Packaging Design, Website

340 W.Naming, Branding & Identity

PrepdeckBranding & Identity

Oscar & SonNaming, Identity & Packaging Design

Janreg PressLogo Identity

Potomac AdvisorsBranding & Identity

Queens PavilionNaming, Branding & Identity

ZäitimIdentity & Packaging Design

HannahBranding & Identity

Noble House Co.Naming, Branding & Identity

Chidush FoundationIdentity Design

WeinstockPackaging Design

SookarNaming, Branding & Identity

House of LancryBranding & Identity

The FrockBranding & Identity

Parkway DigitalBranding & Identity

Lights.comBranding & Identity

Pressed CafeBranding & Identity

The Brooklyn CastleBranding & Identity

Mandelbaum BooksellersBranding & Identity

Rachel FelligBranding & Identity

Garden HarborNaming, Branding & Identity

Cálido HogarNaming, Identity & Packaging Design

LarkIdentity & Branding

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